Solution Architect

Job description

Job description

We’re looking to enforce our team with a Solution Architect, who can create and develop new concepts within Ockto and prepare them for development by our outsourced software development team.


We’ve been working with outsourced developers for years, and it works great! But, with our growth, it’s now time to develop some more muscle on our in-house team in the Netherlands. This will allow us to move quicker and be more agile, with the ultimate goal to produce software that continues to exceed our client's and consumers expectations.


As a Solution Architect at Ockto, you’re a true pioneer. You’ll be exploring new ideas, technologies, and connections. Together with your colleagues, you will truly make an impact and bring our platform to a higher level. All of this, to be able to say later: “I was part of the beginning of the Ockto success-story!”


What you will do:

  • Work on the development of the Ockto platform. And so, work on the future of the financial services industry;
  • Design smart IT-solutions and make them reality for top-financial organizations like ABN AMRO, Rabobank, Stater, Aegon and Volksbank;
  • Work together with the Ockto scrum-teams to build the innovations you’ve came up with and get them in production for our clients;
  • Pioneer with new concepts like data wallets, digital identity verification and semantic search.


We offer a working environment where:

  • You’ll be working on exciting in-depth IT projects with high-tech solutions;
  • You’ll have concrete growing perspectives (a place where you get better);
  • We respect a good work/life balance;
  • We acknowledge your talents and allow you to apply them.


Also, you can expect:

  • A good salary;
  • A Macbook Pro;
  • Phone- and travel-allowance;
  • A tailor made educational program;
  • Collective insurances;
  • A pension-scheme.


About us

Ockto is the online platform to collect and share personal data in a secure way. With the Ockto platform, consumers have access to their data that is be stored at De Belastingdienst, the UWV, MijnOverheid, but also banks and insurers. This information can be shared with organizations that require it.

For example, Ockto makes getting a mortgage or check your pension-situation, easy and fast. It gives you quick insights in your financial status, without having to go through all the paperwork. That saves a lot of time and efforts! Ockto was founded in 2015 by Yellowtail, has a fintech start-up culture and is run by a compact team. Most big banks and insurers in the Netherlands are now connected to Ockto. The upcoming years, Ockto will grow rapidly and expand the platform significantly.  

Your data is safe At Ockto (and the other entities falling under Yellowtail Group) we use your motivation, CV and other data only during the application-process to review the candidate. Whenever the process ends, we only save your name and the way to found us for one more year. This is only to get insights on our recruiting channels. All other personal data will be deleted.

We will only use the personal data you have provided in this application to respond to your application and to provide follow-up on your application. Do you agree?



No, is never an answer for you and you always search for the best possible solution. You’re a good communicator, have a strong opinion about the latest IT technologies, but are also able to listen and willing to learn from other IT specialists. Also, we like you to have:

  • a relevant bachelor's or masters degree;
  • good knowledge of general architecting principles and software design patterns;
  • good knowledge of data- and software security;
  • demonstrable experience in designing, building and implementing large-scale software solutions;
  • knowledge about C# would be an asset;
  • knowledge about data modelling and different database technologies would be an asset;
  • a flexible mindset, and natural curiosity that allows you to learn quickly about new technologies.